FLC offers many great ways to get involved and serve. Serving and volunteering is simple, just click on the opportunity below to see how you can help your faith community! If you have any questions regarding FLC, or would like more information regarding opportunities to serve, please fill out the form below! Thank you for your involvement! 


Featured opportunities

Screen’s Operator

The Screen’s Operator is to guide worship by displaying the appropriate screen during worship.

Worship Coordinator

Work to provide a smooth and peaceful worship service by taking care of all the administrative details of worship.


Please help provide hospitality to our friends and visitors!   Hospitality is provided following all services at Farmington Lutheran Church.

Volunteer in Worship

Helping People Have a Meaningful Worship Experience




Communion Assistant

Sound Board Technician

Worship Coordinator  


Joyful Ringers (bells)

Information Kiosk Officer

Screens Designer

Screens Operator

Altar Guild

Sanctuary Choir

Praise Band

Sheet Music Librarian


Volunteer in Outreach

Reaching Out to Meet the Needs of the Local Community


Food Shelf Volunteer

Food Shelf Community Organizer

Compassion Thursday Leader

Compassion Thursday Organizer

Drives and Events Organizer

Bread Pan Server

Volunteer in Congregational Care

Making Contacts with the Sick, Grieving, or Those in Transition


Care Coordinator         

Care Card Crew

Care Visitors   

Errands and Helpers

Prayer Team

Volunteer in Church Leadership

Helping Direct the Ministry Programs of the Church 



Children’s Ministry

Community Outreach

Youth Ministry

Adult Spiritual Growth

Church Properties


Fellowship and Service

Human Resources       


Worship and Music

Cemetery Board

Nominating Committee

Council Recorder

Council Member

Council President

Council Vice-President

Council Secretary

Adult Bible Study 

Deepening our Faith Journeys


Sunday Morning Bible Study

Monday Evening Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Movie Night

Read the Bible in a Year

Bible and Brew

OWLS (Older Wiser Lutherans)

Good Morning God 

Small Group Leaders

Book Club

Children’s Ministry

Helping Children Grow in Faith


Sunday School Teacher

Teaching Substitutes

Wednesday School Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Wednesday Meals

Music, Arts, & Drama  

Vacation Bible School (July)   

KiC Assistants

KiC Rocks! (July)

Milestone Coordinator

Milestone Assistants


Camp Emmaus Guides

Christmas Program Assistants

Christmas Program Musicians


Helping the Congregation Keep its Finances and Budget



Money Counters

Finance Board

Endowment Committee

Memorial Fund Committee

Audit Committee

Treasurer Assistant

Youth Ministry

Reaching Out and Serving Youth and Their Families


Confirmation Small Group Guide       

Lenten Mentors

Confirmation University Teachers

Photographer for Youth Events

Jamming for Jesus Coordinator

Social Media Support

Service and Fellowship

Providing Opportunities for Relationships and Service


Fishers of Men

Women’s Ministry

Young Adults

Bringing Food to Events

Funeral Servers

Serving Food at Events

Other Volunteer Positions


Office Help

Office Special Projects


Gardening & Landscaping