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Special Appeal

Let your Light shine

You are the light of the world… Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:14,16)

Each year, we try to raise awareness of ministry needs in the congregation, and highlight them as a way to make sure members are aware of them, and if they desire, to contribute to those projects. The 2018 Special Appeal has a variety of ways to let your light shine. Some of these projects are in the budget. Through this Appeal we want to assure that these important ministry efforts are completed.

  • Helping feed hungry children in Farmington (The Sheridan Story): $3000
  • Parking lot lights: $3800
  • Families with financial need:  $3,500
  • Heating and Cooling: $5000
  • Education and training for staff members: $4,700

Total: $20,000


If you choose to contribute financially to the “Let Your Light Shine” Special Appeal, you can:

Fill out the response card and mail your gift to the church office today;

  • Put a check in the offering plate with a note on the memo, Special Gifts Appeal
  • Use the giving kiosk;
  • Use the farmingtonlutheran.com/give web page for credit card, debit card, or PayPal payments;
  • Use the SecureGive app on your smartphone.

If you are unable to contribute financially, but would like to contribute your time and talents, please contact the church office and we will make sure to find a way to engage you in a project!

In Christ,

Stewardship Team

ways to let your light shine

Let your light shine by helping feed hungry children in Farmington.

There are children everywhere—in Farmington, too—who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. We call this “food insecure.” FLC is working with an organization called The Sheridan Story to provide and help pack food for families who are food insecure. 

The Sheridan Story volunteers fill bags of food for the weekend, and go into lockers and put the food bags in children’s backpacks, so that the children are not singled out publicly as “being poor.”  

Helping feed hungry children in Farmington (The Sheridan Story): $3000

giving scholarships to kids who use our programs.

Financial struggle is a hidden reality for many FLC members and non-members. We want all people to know the good news of Jesus Christ, especially during stressful times.  Our children’s and youth ministry opportunities of Sunday and Wednesday School, Confirmation, Camp, Vacation Bible School, and Retreats are places where kids know the love of Jesus as they experience a sense of belonging, faith cultivation, and community. We would like to be able to offer scholarships to children and youth who need it.   

Let your light shine by reaching out with the gospel to families with financial need. - $3,500

Let your light shine by supporting the staff.

Vibrant churches have staff members who continue their training and education. Farmington Lutheran is blessed to have a wonderful staff of capable and creative individuals. They work hard at their programming and cultivating a place where ministry can happen. For a staff to grow in effectiveness requires constant communication, planning, and learning. This is even more important since new staff members have joined this year and more are on the way. Training and planning events for staff are essential as they program together as a team. Continuing education helps our staff stay current on issues in their ministry areas. 


Let your light shine by supporting education and training for staff members. - $4,700

lighting for our parking lot.

We struggle with expensive exterior lighting costs and the challenge of members often walking into a dark parking lot.

We want people who are coming and going from the church building to have the safety of a well-lit parking lot, as well as the security it provides for the church property.  In 2018 we have an opportunity to utilize a use it or lose it $5,000 rebate from Dakota Electric .  Long life, high-efficiency LEDs will replace the lights for the parking lot, sidewalk, driveway, and flagpole.  The approximate savings per year will be $900.  Without the rebate and the generosity of FLC electricians this project would cost much more!

Let your light (literally) shine by installing high efficiency LED lights for our parking lot. - $3,800

supporting our building’s heating and cooling.

The building where we worship, learn, and connect is in constant use throughout the week. And that’s a good thing! That also means heating and cooling throughout the year. We have recently entered into a replace-and-repair contract for our 14- year old HVAC system. The company will repair our HVAC system as needed, and replace it free-of-charge when necessary. This relationship has the potential to save us tens of thousands of dollars over the long haul. This contract increases our monthly maintenance costs, but will provide a great savings down the road in maintaining and replacing an aging HVAC system. 

Let your light shine by supporting our building’s heating and cooling.- $5,000


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