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Experience God’s Abundant Life

Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly.” – John 10:10

Farmington Lutheran is a community dedicated to helping others experience abundant life. We’re not talking about material wealth. We’re talking about whole life that is experienced in relationship with God and with our neighbors.

Abundant life is evident at FLC:

  • Experiencing God’s life-giving grace and love through worship

  • Welcoming and helping each other know we matter to God and to our congregation

  • Connecting with others in small groups and growing in Christ together

  • Having people’s gifts identified, valued, and used in meaningful service

Each of these aspects of abundant life relates to our strategic plan. We need to continue growing in God’s abundant life.

How Did 2018 Go?

In 2018 FLC has been living into the first year of our strategic plan. Our main items were to grow stronger in service
to the community, improve volunteer engagement, and study and implement the best organizational practices. We have learned about challenges and opportunities along the way.

  1. We are called to better serve our Farmington neighbors. $5,000 was invested in Service Ministry to strengthen ministry beyond our walls. The main recipient was Sheridan Story, which provides weekend food for students and families in need.

  2. We want to help people to discern their gifts and live out their calling
    as followers of Jesus. Our plan was
    to invest in a part-time Shared Ministry Coordinator (SMC) to lead the recruiting, equipping, and coordinating of volunteers. The funding for this position was provided by increased giving in 2018. This Shared Ministry Coordinator position will be tasked with developing a program that does not currently exist.

  3. A SMC has not yet been hired, but is still needed.

  4. To be more effective in ministry, we studied best leadership, governance, and organizational practices of congregations. This included what the congregation needs for staffing then assessing our current gifts and what

    is still needed. This revealed the need for a new staff position, Director of Church Management.

Next Steps for 2019

As a congregation grows, it is vital
that the Senior Pastor be freed up to concentrate on pastoral and leadership responsibilities and not be distracted by other tasks. This has been a very real, but not very well-known issue at FLC.

We celebrate growth in many ministry areas, but we hadn’t made the staffing additions required to accommodate our continued growth. Our Church Council, aware that this is not a healthy work environment for our staff, has established a new position titled Director of Church Management (DCM). This is an overdue and very necessary next step in our ministry.

A Director of Church Management will provide us a trained manager to oversee our creative church staff, build systems to implement the strategic plan, and assure a supportive environment for new and current staff members.

A search process for this new staff position began in August, and Dr. Jim Ollhoff was hired in October. The DCM position was funded for the fourth quarter of 2018, but increased giving of $50,000 annually is needed to fully fund the DCM position.

Our pastors are still our spiritual leaders and our Senior Pastor is our organizational leader who oversees all ministries. The addition of a DCM will allow the Senior Pastor to have a much more appropriate role that is focused on worship, vision- casting, leadership, stewardship, evangelism, teaching, and pastoral care.

As the DCM becomes established, that role will enable the successful hiring of the SMC, which is already budgeted for.

There is great need for a dedicated management position on the staff!

Director of Church Management will:

  • Oversee our creative church staff

  • Build systems to implement the strategic plan

  • Align FLC’s staff, volunteers, and resources for integrated, meaningful impact

  • Facilitate communication in and across ministry areas

  • Allow pastors to be pastors and increase effectiveness in congregational care

  • Assure a supportive environment for new and current staff members, including the future Shared Ministry Coordinator

Shared Ministry Coordinator will:

  • Help each person identify their gifts and get connected with ways to serve

  • Better organize and equip worship


  • Develop a culture of engagement

  • The addition of a Director of Church Management and a Shared Ministry Coordinator will move us beyond good intentions to the creation of effective systems. These are concrete steps that will help our whole congregation better experience and share God’s abundant life!

Appeal Goal for 2019: Increase Offerings by $75,000

To realize our ministry plan, a generous increase in giving is needed. Here’s how our increased gifts and offerings will be used:

  • $50,000 - Strengthen ministry efforts by adding 30 hr./wk. DCM

  • $25,000 - Sustain ongoing ministry, program, and operations by providing for rising costs and investment in people

Together, as we respond to the invitation to live generously and to help others experience God’s abundant life, we will reach the goal for 2019.

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