Ministry Position: Teaching Substitutes

Updated March 22, 2019


  • Help out our Wednesday school or Sunday school programs as a substitute teacher.  Fill in on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings as needed when some of our regular teachers can’t make it to class.

Projected Time Requirements

  • Wednesday school classes meet during the school year on Wednesday evenings from 5:00pm-5:35pm or from 6:00pm-6:35pm.

  • Sunday school classes meet each week during the school year between Sunday services and runs from 9:40am-10:35am.

  • Times vary as needed by teacher absences.

Specific Duties

  • Sunday and Wednesday school teachers will be provided with curriculum, lessons and supplies each week.  

  • Share the chosen Bible story with your group of students and discuss.  Share highs and lows that your students had that day, and a prayer together.  

  • Groups vary in size from 6-20 students.


Contact Dawn in the church office at 651-463-4100 or