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Women's Retreat 2019

Saturday, Feb. 2
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Farmington Lutheran Church

Author, Wanda Playter, will be sharing ideas on how to get back to the basics of writing. She will help you begin writing your faith story to share with your family, friends and sisters in Christ. Wanda has written "Walking in the Word, A Daily Journey Through the New Testament", a daily devotional for teens that will take them on a personal journey through the New Testament in 365 days. With room for journaling on every page, this devotional will bring the Bible to life and excite the reader to continue reading all the way to Revelations!
Wanda has been published in Lutheran Digest and is a member of the Minnesota Christian Writers Guild.

Marilyn Sharpe will also be speaking to share her ideas on the importance of "Thin Your Rows", which speaks to the analogy of how we over schedule our lives. We say yes to too many things, which makes us have to say no to something else that might be more important to us. An example would be planting carrots. If you never thin the rows you won't get a good crop of carrots. Same with life.

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