Call Process

Farmington Lutheran is in some transition. We have had staff leaving for other churches, and new staff beginning. And we are now in a search for a new pastor.

In a staff our size, there will always be change and transition. And we live in a world that is rapidly changing. Change is constant. Transition is continuous. Things are always moving, and sometimes it seems like things will never slow down.

It is not just the church that feels the pinch of change—all organizations feel that need for constant transition.

Karl Weick and Kathleen Sutcliffe wrote a book called, Managing the Unexpected. In their research, they found that that the most successful organizations were ones that expected change, but did not get rattled by it. Unsuccessful organizations, when faced with change, tended to withdraw like turtles—they tried not to face the scary changes. But successful organizations became more creative, more innovative, and more future-focused than they were before.

At Farmington Lutheran, that’s our task: To become more creative in how we solve problems; to become more innovative in how we carry out the Lord’s ministry, and look to the future to see with more clarity what God wants us to become.