Change is Hard

Change is hard.

We’re experiencing lots of change at FLC. These are normal and healthy transitions, but they’ve happened real close together. Most recently was the news that Pastor Rusty is taking a new call to Holy Cross Lutheran in Oakdale. Change is hard. You’ve probably heard the phrase a few times that, “The only constant thing in life is change.” I don’t know how comforting that is or isn’t. One thing I’ll share with you that is helpful for me is knowing that God has a great track record of using times of change to bring about transformation.

Moses was living in his in-laws basement and taking care of sheep when God encountered him in the burning bush. Samuel was training to work in the Temple, and God called him by name to become a prophet.
Mary Magdalene was trying to go and grieve the death of Jesus, and she was encountered by the living Christ and sent forth to be a witness that Jesus was alive! Not only were each of these people transformed by the love of God. They were sent out so others could be transformed by our loving Lord.

Let’s be open to God’s ability to transform our lives, especially in the midst of change.
You are all called: Called to know God’s amazing love. Called to live as a follower of Jesus. Called to go out and share God’s amazing love, grace, and mercy in this world. Let’s take time to let Pastor Rusty know that we are proud of him, and thankful for him and his ministry. Let’s take time to allow ourselves to be sad in his leaving and grieve the change. But let us also live with confidence that God is with all of you, to not only see you through the transition but to help others be transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.

Paster Kevin Woestehoff