Annual Women’s Retreat

Women’s Ministry is looking for your feedback regarding the annual Women’s Retreat. We need to determine a date and location very soon for the next retreat. 


A survey conducted at the recent February retreat indicated that about half of attendees are interested in an off-site retreat. We have researched some possibilities regarding costs and amenities and are seeking your input. Some locations are not listed because they would be too costly or are too far away.


Mt. Olivet Retreat Centerin rural Lakeville would cost approximately $45 per person, based on an attendance of 50 people. 


Use of the Rambling River Center in Farmington would cost approximately $32 per person. The Women’s Retreat could remain at FLC. The cost would likely be $25 to $30 per person.

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about any of the following:

  • Would you attend the retreat if it was held off site, such as at Mt. Olivet Retreat Center?

  • Would you be willing to pay $45 to $50 per person to attend an off-site retreat?

  • Would you like to partner with a neighboring church to meet new people and keep costs down? 

  • Would you prefer holding the one-day retreat in the fall rather than winter?

  • Would you like to help plan FLC’s next Women’s Retreat?


Please send your comments by April 5th to Thank you.