Director of Church Management


Dear partners in ministry at FLC,

Last week the Church Council voted to hire a new part-time staff person, a Director of Church Management. We wanted to share a little bit of rationale for this new position.

For the last several months, the Church Council felt strongly that the next two staff positions that were needed to enhance our ministry at FLC were the Shared Ministry Coordinator and the Director of Church Management. 

The Shared Ministry Coordinator (20 hours a week) will be responsible for helping to build a culture of volunteer management; to teach us all how to be better at recruiting and retaining volunteers. 

The Director of Church Management (30 hours a week) will take over supervisory duties of staff. This allows the pastors more time to focus on pastoral duties and not spend numerous hours on administrative tasks. The Director of Church Management will manage multiple staff and build systems to continue to implement the strategic plan. 

A few months ago, the Council discussed which position to hire first, and made the decision to continue to seek a Shared Ministry Coordinator as the first hire. The position has been posted for over 4 months and a number of people have been interviewed. We have been looking for someone who has the natural interpersonal talent as well as experience in the field of volunteer management and spiritual gifts discovery. We found people with natural talent, but with no experience. We felt that to hire someone with no experience, into a staff that was already too full of tasks and duties, would set the new hire up for failure.

So, the Church Council decided on a different strategy and one that they feel will also help with hiring a Shared Ministry Coordinator. At the August Council meeting, they voted to hire the Director of Church Management first. Then, as soon as possible, we would hire the Shared Ministry Coordinator. The Director of Church Management and the Senior Pastor would then be able to mentor this new hire into a successful position.

Funding for the Director of Church Management for the fourth quarter of 2018 can be managed, based on the church budget approved in Janaury, due to the several month vacancy of the Shared Ministry Coordinator position. Continued funding for this position will be one of the focuses of the 2019 budget process.

The Council is confident that this strategy will not only allow us to hire the much-needed Shared Ministry Coordinator, but also enable us to expand our effectiveness with the addition of the Director of Church Management.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we seek to fill these two vital positions at FLC.